Scientific Information

Abstract Submission


Submitted abstracts should include unpublished data.

All abstracts are anonymously peer reviewed, scored and allocated on merit to oral presentation (OP) or electronic poster (P) sessions.

Abstracts accepted to the 14th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine will be published in the online Journal of Perinatal Medicine.

You will be notified as whether your abstract has been accepted until July 2, 2019. Full details, including the timing of your presentations will be notified to accepted presenters at that time.

In order for an abstract to be considered for electronic or oral presentation, the presenting author must be registered and paid by the submission deadline July 2, 2019. Any abstract whose presenting author is not registered will not be considered for electronic or oral presentation.

For more information, please contact the Congress Secretariat:


Congenital infections 
Neonatal sepsis
Problems of the premature neonate
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Necrotising Enterocolitis
Lung injury and long-term lung function
Neonatal Nutrition
Nutrition of the Very Preterm
Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
Neonatal Brain Injury and Neuroprotection
Hemodynamic monitoring of the sick neonate
Mechanical and noninvasive ventilation
Neonatal resuscitation
Early origins of adult disease
Fetal echocardiography and Congenital Heart Diseases
Diabetes and obesity during pregnancy
Maternal fetal Doppler: Fetal growth disorders
Hypertension in Pregnancy
Maternal nutrition
Preterm labor
Perinatal infections
Postpartum hemorrhage
Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
Fetal neurosonography and CNS anomalies
Aneuploidy and fetal anomalies - first trimester
Noninvasive prenatal test ( Fetal DNA )
Aneuploidy and fetal anomalies - second trimester
Intrapartum ultrasonography
Multiple pregnancy
Fetal interventions
Fetal MRI
Fetal Surgery


  1. DEADLINE: The deadline for electronic submissions is July 2, 2019 at 12:00 pm
  2. CHARACTER LIMIT: There is a limit of 500 words for the text of your submission and 30 words for the title of your submission. The word count includes tables and images.
  3. Abstracts should be structured using the following subheadings:

    • For clinical resarches: Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions

    Please note that these sections are clearly marked for you.

    • For case reports: no subheadings
  4. PRESENTATION TYPE and TOPIC: All abstracts will be considered for oral presentation or electronic poster presentation according to your selection. Select the appropriate topic using menus provided.
  5. KEYWORDS: Up to 5 keywords may be entered. You are required to enter at least 1 keyword.
  6. TABLES and IMAGES: You may add up to 1 table and to your submission. Tables cannot be copied and pasted into the abstract but must be created using the table tool. For images please upload your full abstract including tables/pictures as supplemental data
  7. SUPPLEMENTAL DATA: If you are asked to submit supplemental data, you may upload .doc or.pdf files only.
  8. ABSTRACT PROOF: Carefully check the proof of your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting are displaying properly in your proof.
  9. COMPLETING YOUR SUBMISSION: If you have not completed all required sections and details you will not be able to submit your abstract. When all required information is entered, the "Submit" button will appear at the home page.
  10. NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications of abstract decisions will be sent in July 2, 2019.
  11. SUBMISSION OR MEETING QUESTIONS: If you have questions regarding the submission criteria or questions about the Congress, please contact the Congress Secretariat: